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I mentioned in my previous post, that I would test the MB4 with the Schwalbe Super Moto tyres, to see if it really was fast or if I was just imagining it. So I took it out for a ride. It’s a loop I’ve got worked out that goes from Newmarket railway station, up Remuera Rd to St Johns, down to Tamaki Drive, in to the city, up College Hill, back along Ponsonby Rd & then through Grafton back to Newmarket.

In the manner of a modern and sophisticated rider of bicycles, just before I left, I started up the Map My Ride application on my phone, and told it to log my ride. As I sped through St Johns about 20min later, I heard a voice just behind me. A woman’s voice saying something about my speed or the time or something. It like totally freaked me out & I nearly fell off looking around to see who it was. Eventually I realized it was my arse. Or rather it was my phone sitting in my back pocket telling me something about my “workout”. So I calmed down & kept riding.  Later on, I got home & whipped the phone out so I could tell it I’d finished, and read statistics about speed, distance, calories burnt, increases in gluteal firmness etc. Only to find that the battery went flat 20 minutes ago and the phone thinks I’m sitting in a bus stop next to Victoria Park.

So… umm… I’ll have to try that again sometime.